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I wanted to wear my red lipstick today, the shade called Bloodwork that's blindingly glossy, it looks like Marylin, her smeared, blurry kisses, I wanted to wear my red lipstick today because I felt like KICKING SERIOUS ASS.

the problem with lipstick so waxy like that is that it gets in the way of your food. the pancakes wood've looked all fluffy and bloody and my mouth would be smeared not all "I just got LAID" but like "Dude, what happened to your FACE?"

Good question.

my face probably popped up in some little bumps because the red's about to come, the moon says so. the red's about to GUSH, the moon says so, and the first time that happened since I fell in love it turned my boyfriend into a warewolf and we stayed up all not scratching and clawing and screaming and smiling til I couldn't feel the cramps anymore.

if I bite my lips really hard then the get really red or if I come REALLY HARD they get really red, that's just kinda what happens. if I don't shower my red hair sticks to my face and it's gross and I put it up in a IT'S TOO DAMN COLD TO LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH WET HAIR kind of Updo, the kind with the big sloppy clip that spreads out like a tuckered out butterfly, wings on the ground LOOK AT MY STRIPES AND MY SPOTS AND MY COLORS, I WILL NOT MOVE.

when we catch our breath, breath is white, usually, and when I used to think pain between lovers was good I would fantasize about blood on white, I bought white angel wings for unspeakable purposes I bought white clothes in a frenzy one weekend and every night we'd stay on the phone and I'd ask him if it was worth it, worth ruining the clothes so I could bleed all over them is it worth it and when it was late and when our masochistic minds knew no limits the answer was always YES YES YES--

and that was fucked up.

I found this shirt for 14s buck a BRIGHT RED shirt with Alice's sillhouette on it, along with the cards, remember the cards, the heart cards, yeah those, PICK ONE, they'll never wrong, we'll see who's gonna win Croquet.


My glasses are red and pink like blood and organs, square like windows, thick like my lover's cock, help me to see everything a little bit more clearly except when they get dusty or smeared with lips and fingerprints then I have to wash them and wash them and wash them until my fast-working hands turn red.
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